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Motherhood: Teresa Tomeo's Live Record on "Everything's Coming Up Rosie" (Book Review, by: Dr. Tina Bailey); Spiritual Direction by: Fr. Charles Nahm on Christian Piety (V. 2, Subscribers Only Post)

Narrated by Fr. Peter Turrone, IMC for Bookshelf Episode with Dr. Josephine Lombardi as respondent: the Media, the Theology of Motherhood on the Vigil of Our Lady of Fátima.



Dear Friends in Christ:

It is Mother's Day. Are you excited? 😆

I hope you liked our first draft of our latest video with Teresa Tomeo1 created just for today’s post in celebration of our Mothers and of our Blessed Mother.

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to surprise my mom today.

Speaking of surprises, I have some exciting news for our readers! With the help of our Spiritual Directors, The Rosary Hour Podcast is trying to figure out new ways to incorporate two NEW mystery guests whom we hope can one day be part of our Season 3 Jubilee 2025 Live Records.

Until then, Dr. Tina Bailey has written for you some thoughts on the book Everything’s Coming up Rosie” to go with the video that explores this book by Teresa Tomeo: it teaches about how moms are teachers of Christian piety.2

On behalf of everyone, I want to thank Teresa Tomeo for being part of the Rosary Hour Podcast & for answering all our questions; I also want to thank Fr. Nahm and Fr. Peter for their Spiritual Direction and prayers over this special Mother’s Day episode. If you want to watch the Live Stream from Fátima, click in the footnotes below, or visit

Sincerely & xoxo

Amelia (with help from Karen, Izzy, Dr. Josie Lombardi, Dr. Tina Bailey, today’s host, Gail Congolio, Dan, Rembrandt, Godric, my mom, Fr. Anthony, Fr. Elias, Fr. Chris, and Fr. David Michael).


Publisher ‏ : ‎ Sophia Institute Press (April 18, 2023)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 192 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1644133172
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1644133170
“Bookshelf” Notes 
from Dr. Tina Bailey
Mothers are our first teachers, not just of ABCs and tying shoes, but in all the ways of being in the world. They are often our faith guides, helping us to understand big ideas with simple words. We watch them to learn to navigate life with grace, trust, humility, piety – and the strength they find in faith – even as we grow to recognize their struggles, failings and frailties. As Teresa Tomeo explains in Everything’s Coming up Rosie, a reflection on her relationship with her mother through the lens of their Catholic faith, this focal relationship can also be fraught. Yet, the wisdom imparted will often resonate as years pass – so listen to your “mutha”!

Tomeo’s book4 captures her mother’s Italian-American mother’s feisty attitude and Rosie-isms – the catch-phrases that can seem like nagging, but hold a deeper wisdom. This no-nonsense approach to life and faith will be familiar to many, in particular children of immigrant families from many cultures. When times were tough, faith and resilience got them through, and they passed on both their faith and work ethic. Along with the impulse to ‘Awfa it up to God’ and ‘Put it at the foot of the Crawse,’ we also need to help ourselves along. Perhaps the most effective of cautions from Mother to (rebellious) children or teens is the reminder that ‘the Blessed Mutha is watching you’! Both a warning and a promise, these words remind us that we are not alone in our earthly or spiritual struggles.

Having witnessed the often tumultuous relationship between my strong-willed Russian maternal grandmother and her three daughters, I deeply appreciated the way Tomeo captures the deep love that underpins every sharp word of warning, as well as every joyful moment. Mothers shape our family tree in such important ways, tending to us through many seasons of their life, so that we can thrive in ours. Understanding their struggles and deeply held convictions helps us to experience both maternal and divine love, and heal the hurts we face. As we mature, we see how caregivers, and mothers in large part, have to marry their best intentions with the tools and circumstances at their disposal.  Rosie’s common sense spirituality -- linked to moral values -- is recognizable to many of us; mothers teach what they know to be true, and even in the simplest expression, these truths guide us toward a deeper faith, and a more joyful life (despite the overtones of 'Catholic guilt'!). 

The wisdom of our elders, and honouring our elders, can be neglected in a world full of distraction, leaving us disconnected just when we need their guidance most. Rosie, like so many parents, has some directives to help us stumble less into the dark, coming instead into the light, and knowing how to live good, Godly lives. 

In much the same way, our Holy Mother Mary, is always there to guide us, seeking to keep us close to Jesus, yet we may be oblivious to her wisdom and unconditional love, following a wrong path...  into those fairy tale 'dark woods' where evil lurks and preys on our weaknesses.  A mother knows each of her children so well that she understands how best to teach them. We need the special love of mothers, including some no-nonsense advice sometimes… and Rosie come through! 

~ Dr. Tina Bailey, Host of “Bookshelf” for the Rosary Hour Podcast5


We wish to thank also our amazing Guest Executive Producers for this podcast presentation:

  • First, thanks to a great mom and professional, Gail Congolio, co-author of the Study Guide for "Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic". 6

  • Secondly, thanks also to St. Augustine's Seminary in Scarborough ( and to Dr. Josephine Lombardi (author of "Experts in Humanity”) who is known to our podcast followers.7

  • Finally, we thank Fr. Peter Turrone who helped Amelia read, narrate and explain in today’s the presentation the thread on the dialect of motherhood as presented by Pope Francis: “Sono le mamme a trasmettere la fede. La fede si trasmette in dialetto, cioè col linguaggio delle madri, in quel dialetto che le mamme sanno parlare con i figli”

    & “Voi mamme, state attente nel trasmettere la fede in quel dialetto materno”.

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In the dialect of mothers, the Rosary Hour Podcast team wishes to take a moment to thank all of our Spiritual Directors, all of whom have given their time / wisdom, and generously answered all our questions about the Rosary, about prayer, about scripture, and about how to be close to the Blessed Mother in prayer. These contributions have helped each of us behind the scenes to develop an even greater attentiveness to how we might go about exploring our Season 2 question:

“What does it mean to be a child of God”?

This question, we have been able to explore with our children, our families, and our guests.8

Have a wonderful day and enjoy this discussion on “Everything’s Coming Up Rosie” as we remember all mothers who have shaped our lives throughout our lives. Let’s pray the Rosary for all mothers together.

Our Lady of Fátima, pray for us.

Pray the Rosary Every Day.

Up Next: Fr. Elias discusses the Scapular and the Sabbatine Privilege

FOOTNOTES, Edition 1 (EST / PST)



Ever notice that common sense isn’t so common anymore? Each time we check our news feeds or turn on the TV, it seems the world is getting wackier. Right is wrong, wrong is right, up is down, and the only thing that’s unacceptable is refusing to accept that anything and everything under the sun is . . . acceptable.

We desperately need a return to basic common sense, and Rosie Posie, a “street-smart theologian” from Jersey City, is just the person we need to help restore it. In this wise and heartwarming book, Rosie’s daughter, syndicated talk-show host Teresa Tomeo, shares her top-ten list of unforgettable “Rosieisms” to help you and your loved ones live a sensible, well-grounded, godly life. As Tomeo notes, these real-life stories are simple, direct, and yes, sometimes very funny, but oh-so applicable to everyday life.

Refreshingly, Rosie speaks her mind and has precious little “tolerance.” You will find that her practical advice will help you cultivate virtue in your life. You will learn to “nevva [never] get too big for those britches” and to “awfa [offer] it up” and put things “at the foot of the Crawse [Cross].” You’ll come to see how your sacrifices help others in ways you may not have considered. And through Rosie’s life and example, you’ll come to appreciate the value of your sufferings, big or small, and how they benefit you and your loved ones. You will also learn:

  • How “go ride your bike!” relates to health (and it’s not what you think).

  • Ways to always see the glass as half full

  • A bit of wisdom that Tomeo learned from both her mother and the Rolling Stones

  • How round-trip guilt trips can be a good thing

  • Why you should listen to your mother and “keep smiling”

Tomeo’s memories provide rollicking humor and Catholic wisdom from the quintessential Italian mother. She also provides spiritual resources for self-reflection from the Catechism, Scripture, and the saints to help you grow in grace-filled living. Best of all, you will see the miracles of God’s love in Tomeo’s family and the maternal intercession of Our Lady in their lives. In the words of Rosie, “Rememba, the Blessed Mutha is watching you!”


This presentation draft was reviewed and approved by Izzy Nunziato and Dr. Tina Bailey, and co-Produced with the help of Karen Rocha; this session was directed by Godric with Christine and Dan and the Spiritual Direction of Fr. Charles Nahm & Fr. Peter Turrone, IMC. 

Spiritual Direction for today’s podcast was generously provided to our team by FR. CHARLES NAHM; thanks to FR. PETER TURRONE who narrates in Italian and translates to English for the above video the notes of Pope Francis on the “Dialect of Motherhood / Mothers”; Dr. Bob Schuchts also narrates with Fr. David Michael Moses in this Season 2 presentation in our Q & A focus: “What does it mean to be a Child of God?” curated by Fr. Peter.


Gail has taken time our of her ubër busy schedule to help ensure the success of this conversation, especially supporting Amelia for her Q and A published in the audio format last year, and also helping us to overcome some of the unforeseen technical difficulties that prevented us from first releasing this material. She has been a small-group study leader, catechist, RCIA teacher, and Women of Grace© program facilitator. She began her work in Catholic lay evangelization while serving in both Charismatic and Cursillo movements and Gail earned her Certificate of Evangelization from the Archdiocese of Miami and was radio host for the American Chamber of Christians in Business’ Chamber Hour.


We thank Dr. Lombardi for her wisdom, and for her time in helping us prepare for this podcast with Dr. Bailey. She appears in this episode as a respondent to Teresa Tomeo and her book, “Everything’s Coming up Rosie.” Listen to her podcast with Fr. Charles Nahm on the Rosary Hour Podcast, here:


As a podcast, we have come to rely more and more on these experienced pastoral leaders who help us guide these discussions with our guests so that our team can be even more focused on the authentic Magisterium, on the teachings of the Catechism, on sound Marian dogma, and on the rich teachings of the Saints regarding consecration / prayers of the Rosary / history of the Rosary, and of course on the elements / aspects / promises of Scripture, and so on and so forth. We mothers have so much to learn to help our children learn the “Why” behind our prayers.

In many ways, as we celebrate “The Ascension”, we celebrate these “servants of the Lord” (which we pray about in today’s prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, Psalm 113, recommended by the Vatican for the Year of Prayer). Each brings us great talent that teaches how to be closer to Heaven with confidence in the assistance of the Mother of God.

By helping us follow “Him into the new creation” (for His ascension is our glory and our hope” (Prayer, Ascension), their blessing on these discursive endeavours — allows this prayer (in the form of a podcast) spread the “Sacred Fire” of the Holy Spirit (Luke 12:49). We pray this conversation will help you help lead more souls closer to God through the Rosary. Thank you Fr. Anthony, Fr. Chris, Fr. David Michael, Fr. Peter, Fr. Nuno, Fr. Edward, Fr. Zé, Fr. Afonso, Fr. M, Fr. Haby, Fr. Matthew, Fr. Charles, Cardinal Collins, Cardinal Marto, Fr. Elias, and so many others who have helped us understand the greater depth of the “Why” behind our prayers.

Thanks to our readers who have shared with us the wisdom of each of our Spiritual Directors — each has left us with much to ponder through their podcast recordings which exemplify sacrifice, prayer, and the love of the eternal. Thank you — all of you who help us behind the scenes — who seek to facilitate with us meaningful questions and content through this shared passion for prayer that manifest through various books / authors / content. We welcome all new visitors to this rich discussion on the Rosary and the Blessed Mother and appreciate the help of each person who has “poured down” a “generous rain”, causing us “sing to God” and “sing psalms in his name” (Antiphon for the Ascension in the Divine Office).

As we enter into this Year of Prayer and celebrate Motherhood before Jubilee 2025 — and on this day, as we approach the beauty of the Mother of God through this Feast of Our Lady of Fátima, who appeared in Portugal in 1917, we wish all mothers joining us today a lovely day with loved ones — and we thank our Spiritual Directors, Ms. Teresa Tomeo and Dr. Lombardi for their wisdom in this special conversation on the “Dialect” of Motherhood.


Thanks to Fr. Elias Mary Mills for helping us keep our focus on the Apparitions of Fátima for the following Consecration Journey which started yesterday, May 11 and which will ends June 13, 2024.   

Follow it here, with prayers for the first 12 days listed, and some reflections for today and tomorrow’s Feast. If you have intentions, list them here:

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The Rosary Hour Podcast Team


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