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How to stay connected to God when in crisis? Teresa Tomeo shares timely advice on vocation, identity & being a child of God and the perpetual value of our family of the heart: the Church (2nd Edition)

"We have a relationship with our work that is almost interchangeable with our identity". Instead of asking "Why?"... ask "What?" Dr. Lombardi begins this conversation with notes on Jubilee 2025.
“God knows what you are feeling. Seek help. Seek guidance. Go to mass. You might not be feeling it, but do what you need to do — stay connected. to God.”  ~ TERESA TOMEO, author of “Everything’s Coming Up Rosie”



This upcoming book talk on “Bookshelf” features Teresa Tomeo on the Rosary Hour Podcast, a segment of our show hosted by Dr. Tina Bailey, who interviews her on the book "Everything's Coming Up Rosie" with the help of Dr. Josephine Lombardi, professor and lead administrator envisioning the education of Seminarians at St. Augustine's Seminary in Canada. We are happy to have her support in this book talk on Christian Piety and Motherhood, a special Mother's Day Masterclass for the Digital Café. Episode Spiritual Direction and Theological Focus guided by Reverend Fr. Charles Nahm, PhD & priest of the Opus Dei. Thanks to Gail Congolio for her support to Fr. Nahm and our team. 
New to our podcast? VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: for notifications. Coming soon: 
April 16, 2024: 

Amelia wishes to thank our 400th subscriber to the Rosary Channel, our humble effort to re-examine the "why" behind our prayers, narrated by Fr. Chris Alar, Provincial Superior of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy (USA), and with the founding Spiritual Direction of Fr. Anthony Gramlich, MIC, the Assistant Rector of the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, who has helped us with big-picture visioning since 2022 March 15th and catechesis of the Rosary that has underlined the mission of our podcast: to find new and creative ways to teach the Rosary.  

This mission was re-invented and evolved after pondering the words of Cardinal Marto (Portugal), a voice from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima who in May 2023 noted at a local conference in Fátima that we need a new pedagogy to teach children how to pray the Rosary. (We thank him for his encouragement and blessing upon this Rosary ministry). Fr. Elias Mary Mills (USA) has noted of the Catechesis of the Rosary that what we can rediscover is not so much "new" but something we must recover. Finally, Fr. Peter Turrone (Canada) notes that all our efforts must begin with prayer. Thus, we hope your experience of this podcast is just that: an extension of your prayer of the Rosary, like these conversations extend from our own prayers and desire to understand the School of Our Lady. Fr. Nuno Rocha (Portugal) notes in his latest book 
"The Secret of Joy" (published by Travessa da Senra House Press) that we can arrive at the True Joy of our humanity by "getting to know that Someone: the person of Jesus.  And then, through this knowledge, God communicates through our lives.  If God is with us, this joy already extends to me here, because God is really someone who loves us and is willing and capable to make us happy." He adds that "The one who is joyful makes others happy.  Someone who wants you to be happy is capable of making you happy—this is our joy, for on my own I am incapable of being joyful; rather, I must be joyful together with others.  Otherwise, I cannot have joy.  It is impossible alone.  And that is why we have this joy, because someone has it in plenitude—this absolute felicity that flows to us in abundance."
(SOURCE: Click here for this text animated on Padre Nuno's newsletter: "The Diary of Prayer").

THE ROSARY HOUR PODCAST | April 16, 2024, Memorial of St. Bernadette of Lourdes
(born January 7, 1844, Lourdes, France—died April 16, 1879, Nevers; canonized December 8, 1933; feast day April 16, but sometimes February 18 in France). St. Bernadette, pray for us.

- OPEN YOUR BIBLE TO TERESA TOMEO'S SCRIPTURAL FOCUS for this podcast ROMANS 8:28 and read / journal about it / talk about it.


Watch this preview of the last 4 minutes of "Bookshelf" hosted by Dr. Tina Bailey, host of the Rosary Hour Podcast Digital Café book talk series. Dr. Bailey interviews Teresa Tomeo, author of "Everything is Coming Up Rosie" and morning radio show host of Catholic Connection. This question was asked by Christine for Ms. Tomeo to speak to how our listeners who are struggling with or know someone struggling with emotional trauma due to job loss, or who are experiencing vocational uncertainty or pain -- how they might offer their sufferings at the foot of the cross?

Dr. Tina Bailey picks-up the interview with Dr. Josephine Lombardi from St. Augustine's Seminary. In this conversation, she revisits the podcast and speaks about her latest on the "Experts on Humanity" Project (a 12 module program). Dr. Bailey asks in this post questions about Dr. Lombardi's latest "revised" book on "The Our Father" that she'll talk about in today's show. 

Finally, after the credits, in this teaser, Fr. Elias Mary Mills speaks briefly of the Scapular promise which he'll present in depth in an upcoming post that will also include his recording of the Joyful Mysteries to inspire inscription of first communicants in the Scapular for 2024, and/or to rediscover the beauty of this devotion. Coming soon. 

The text featured in today's broadcast is "The Secret of Joy" by Pe. Nuno Rocha whose text will be available on with appendices written by Dra. Deolinda Carneiro on the art work in this booklet introduction to "The Joyful Mysteries". This presentation contains the Rosary text curated by Fr. Nuno and includes Fátima prayers recorded by Fr. Elias and Fr. David Michael. We'd like to thank Pe. Haby, Pe. Delphim, Pe. Charles and Rembrandt for helping with the translations into French, German, Italian, English, Korean from the original Portuguese. 

If you missed last post, you can click here or jump to the highlights from Holy Rosary Parish Easter Vigil Celebration led by our podcast episode theological advisor, Fr. Peter Turrone, who is featured on "Fulton.Sheen.Movement" @Fulton.Sheen.Movement below:

16 APRIL 2024 | TUESDAY (Reviewed by Izzy Nunziato, BC, PACIFIC STANDARD TIME), 1st Edition for subscribers sent automatically by substack via e-mail.

Dear readers and friends in Christ:

Izzy, Christine & Tina writing to say how happy we are to finally share with you more of our timely discussion with Teresa Tomeo on the Feast of St. Bernadette.

In today’s post, we begin with the end in mind, clipping unconventionally, the short from the end of our full podcast that will be released at 7 p.m. EST on May 12, 2024 on the Vigil of the Feast of Our Lady of Fátima. Please mark your calendars.

Today’s video presentation LIVE RECORD asks the following questions in light of St. Bernadette’s words:

Why must we suffer? Because here below pure Love cannot exist without suffering. O Jesus, Jesus, I no longer feel my cross when I think of yours." - St. Bernadette 
  • How do we listen to God when we are in pain?

  • What are my gifts / talents / abilities meant to be used for?


Teresa Tomeo explains that:

  • “Pain is never permanent.”

  • Teresa reminds us that “while we are alive”, “God will do something with us”, and that “We must have confidence and trust in His Mercy.”

She further advises:

“Offer up your suffering. Learn from the suffering. Instead of asking Why, ask what.” 

She goes back to her earlier point on humility:

“I am yours, I was made for you. What do you want me to do?” St. Teresa of Avila  
We hope you enjoy this small set of discussion extras captured from the Live Record: 

- bonus reel features Dr. Josephine Lombardi (St. Augustine's Seminary, Canada) and guest co-host / guest respondent for today's broadcast session with Teresa Tomeo. Thanks to Dr. Lombardi who has been an amazing part of this show, guiding us with her wisdom and love for Our Lady.

Today, she speaks with Dr. Bailey and our podcast team about the "Our Father" and how to spend our time in this year of prayer as we approach the Jubilee 2025 and rediscover the Our Father, which Dr. Lombardi will return to the show to discuss as she re-releases her book. 
Until next time. Pray the Rosary every day. 

The Rosary Hour Podcast Team xoxo

The Rosary Hour Podcast team has been blessed to receive Spiritual Direction from Fr. Elias Mary Mills (Franciscan of the Immaculata) who with our team provides a few notes on the Scapular for this episode and which we will feature soon with his full-length presentation before the Feast of Our Lady of Fátima.

Last week, Fr. Elias share with us the brand new channel of the Franciscans: Hyperdulia Media.

Below is wonderful 7-minute discussion by Fr. Carlos Martins, CC, similar to our own podcast microcast format. This presentation is entitled: “My experience of being consecrated to Our Lady”.

The Rosary Hour Podcast team highly recommends this channel as a resource to teach the importance of consecration, prayer, and all things that might allow us to live with Our Lady at every moment as we rediscover together the “Why” behind our prayers.

Enjoy this presentation:

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The Rosary Hour Podcast Newsletter
This podcast explores the message of the most Holy Rosary so to encourage others to respond to the call of the Mother of God to pray the Rosary every day for peace in our hearts and peace in the world. Our guests have contributed to helping our listeners to rediscover the "why" behind our prayers, and also contemplate the Mysteries of the Rosary in the context of our daily lives.