The Rosary Hour Podcast Newsletter
The Rosary Hour Podcast Newsletter
"On becoming a person of love", "Why Good People Suffer" & other curated videos for Sunday night.

"On becoming a person of love", "Why Good People Suffer" & other curated videos for Sunday night.

Pray the Chaplet to Divine Mercy with Cardinal Burke who has a new invitation for 9-month Novena and Consecration Journey to Our Lady of Guadalupe starting March 12

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another”, Douay-Rheims Bible, John 13:35).


Dear Readers & Friends in Christ:

We hope you enjoyed the last video which can be found on our YouTube channel here and we are grateful to the Renewal Ministries team.

Also, if you are in the GTA this weekend or March break, come to Fr. Peter’s parish for mass:”

Sharpen them

As Lent is a great time to sharpen the saw, readers may find below a selection of videos chosen by the Rosary Hour Podcast team to review when time permits.

Featured after Bishop Barron’s inquiry, “What have I done today to perform a simple act of love?” is the latest from Fr. Peter Turrone who is interviewed by Jay; this series is followed by Dr. Peter Kreeft who explores the question of suffering.

If you are looking for a text on the Stations of the Cross, consider:

Also, please join our upcoming consecration journey from Holy Thursday to May 13 and then from May 13 to Oct. 13 via:

You can also join Cardinal Burke for a 9-month novena and you can sign-up via his website: Here is the answer to the Crisis of Our age by His Eminence.



The Chaplet to Divine Mercy in this podcast post is familiar to our consecration journey participants; here the Chaplet in Latin is set to music.1 Listen as a way to inspire and implement a new regular daily 3 p.m. devotion / Friday Adoration / Stations of the Cross into your schedule, etc, or a Triple Crown Rosary.

Also, consider finding a day in the Lenten season when you can pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy on Rosary beads with others in a public recitation, even before the Rosary or with a pastor during adoration:

In this final video, His Eminence, Cardinal Burke leads the Chaplet at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

The RHP team

VIDEO 1: “How do we become a person of love?”

Bishop Barron explains.

SUMMARY: This is a unique examination of conscience that walks us through the Corporal works of Mercy with the following essential question guiding Bishop Barron’s notes with Brandon Vogt:

  • “What have I done today to perform a simple act of love?”

  • Bishop Barron notes: When one is preoccupied, “afraid, anxious, depressed”… one can “cave-in” around one’s self. He considers how to break free of the “black hole” mentality.

  • Thus, he encourages that we engage in the simplest acts of love today.

  • Then, Tomorrow… “do another (act of love)!”

    • IDEA #1: Tonight, trying writing a letter to someone you haven’t talked to for a while.

    • IDEA #2: Offer a compliment.

    • IDEA #3: Help a child who is struggling.

    • IDEA #4: Bake cookies and share.

    • IDEA #5: Break out of the tendency of sin.

VIDEO 2: “Why do good people suffer?”

  • Fr. Peter Turrone provides theological & pastoral advice, when time permits, to the Rosary Hour Podcast. He is interviewed in this series by Jay about suffering and other topics.

    • NOTE: If you are visiting the GTA, you can join Fr. Peter and his parish for daily confession, Holy rosary, Angelus, Holy Sacrifice of the mass, the Chaplet to to the Divine Mercy, Fátima prayers before adoration in the heart of midtown Toronto from Monday to Friday. Holy Adoration also every single Saturday 4:00-4:45 and every Sunday morning before the 8 a.m. quiet mass from 5:45 to 7:45 a.m.

VIDEO #3: The conversation continues here: “Why the poor are more religious.”

VIDEO #4: “How do I make SENSE out of SUFFERING?”

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“The Secret of Joy” by: Pe Nuno Rocha, pastor on the Camino to Santiago:

Terço no Caminho: O Diário da Oração
"O Segredo da Alegria" (Parte 1 de 3)
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Music courtesy of Canadian composer D. Braid who provided the music for the Peter Herbeck video; this feature donated music performed by violinist, Tiago Carriço and the organist Daniel Sousa (also maestro). The choir's name is "Ottava".

The Rosary Hour Podcast Newsletter
The Rosary Hour Podcast Newsletter
This podcast explores the message of the most Holy Rosary so to encourage others to respond to the call of the Mother of God to pray the Rosary every day for peace in our hearts and peace in the world. Our guests have contributed to helping our listeners to rediscover the "why" behind our prayers, and also contemplate the Mysteries of the Rosary in the context of our daily lives.