Sitemap - 2022 - The Rosary Hour Podcast Newsletter

"THE BIRTH OF JESUS": A Reflection on the Third Joyful Mystery & South Sudan by Guest Author Jenny Hayward Jones (CAFOD, United Kingdom)

Unpack the Hail Mary: Dr. Rev. Fr. Charles Nahm & Dr. Josephine Lombardi of St. Augustine's Seminary explore the story & words of this powerful prayer. Plus online options for praying the Rosary.

Video: "Feliz Natal" Children's Rosary Q & A w/ DMCO. Padre Nuno leads a candlelight procession on the Camino to Santiago. 2 special musical performances by local musicians in Portugal.

'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Video & Article Resources for Contemplating the Supernatural & the great Miracle of 9 million converts hundreds of years before WIFI.

Boa Noite, Maria! Candlelight Procession & Walking Rosary Vigil Celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on the Camino to Santiago.

Inspired by her friendship with Mother Teresa, Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle tells us about her book on St. Catherine Labouré's Mission of Grace.

Over 50,000 Handmade Rosaries Arrive in Uganda! Guest Author, Dr. Blythe Kaufman updates our readers on the latest from Worldwide Rosary Prayer Group Movement

‘How They Love Mary’ Book Chat w/ Father Edward Looney @ our Digital Café as part of the Live Record for 'The Rosary: A Mini Series' Project

Podcaster Fr. Edward Looney visited the Digital Café on the Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun to answer 6 questions by and to Live Record for the Rosary: A Mini Series Project

St. Martín De Porres sang to the Queen of Saints with Miraculous Fervor. Learn two melodies by ear for the "Salve Regina". Download: Plain song / text screenshots from Father Weinmann's "Vesperbuch".

"What is Hell?" Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Toronto, continues our exploration of 'Last Things' as he explains 'Hell in a Nutshell'.

An invitation to learn two hymns for First Friday Devotion & Adoration, plus the words of our Lord according to St. Margaret Mary, Pope Pius XI & His Eminence Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto

How did the Rosary change your life? Why is the Rosary an efficacious prayer? Dr. Blythe Kaufman reflects on these two questions as we begin our conversation on the Rosary.

Meet Dr. Blythe Kaufman, founder of Children's Rosary ® Worldwide Apostolate. She joins our conversation w/ Fr. Anthony about the Rosary at the Digital Café.

006: Get to know Fr. Anthony Gramlich (USA);experience the Oct. 9 Majestic Procession in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary w/ today's virtual Marian pilgrimage to Póvoa de Varzim set to powerful music.

The Rosary: "a treasure to be rediscovered". Link: JP2s Apostolic Letter + view samples of our *new* e-Book to help others pray the Rosary "in the light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy,...

005: "Why is Divine Mercy God's Greatest Attribute?" The Rosary Hour asks Fr. Anthony to explain this teaching by Jesus to St. Faustina from the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy.

How does the Rosary Lead to the Miracle of Divine Mercy? Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle walks us through the Diary of St. Faustina on her Oct. 5 Memorial.

Why do we need God's Mercy? In Part 1 of segment 004: Fr. Anthony explains why "Divine Mercy is the Gateway to Heaven". He continues his discussion from the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy (USA).

Watch 003: "The Secret of the Rosary" + Fr. Anthony Gramlich's Favorite Rose. Today's REPOST: Pope Pius XII canonization speech for St. Louis de Monfort.

002: Fr. Anthony explains "Where Prayer Leads" in the next segment of Episode 1 in the Rosary: A Mini Series


000: Fr. Chris Alar, MIC visits the Digital Café from the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, USA. He introduces "The Rosary: A Mini Series" + Ep. 1 guest & confrère, Fr. Anthony Gramlich, MIC.

A new take on 'Back-to-School' Reading' as Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson visits TRP @ THE DIGITAL CAFÉ! Such a joy to host this engaging author, professor & speaker on the show!

Cardinal Collins meets for Q&A #3 at the Digital Café! His Eminence reveals a 'Favorite Book'. Plus an invitation to pray the Rosary with Zosia (7) & Amelia (8) on RadioMariaUSA

Keith Nester, a Methodist pastor who converted to Catholicism, dropped by the Digital Café & shared his story about the Blessed Virgin Mary + how the Holy Rosary transformed his life. [Tina/Sherri/C]

[Exclusive] Doctor Fr. Matthew Schneider, LC explains the logic behind a 'Sensory Friendly Mass' + See the Full Episode Launch of Session #3 on the Digital Café [Interview by: Sherri & Tina]

Review St. John Paul II's "ROSARIUM VIRGINIS MARIAE" ON THE MOST HOLY ROSARY -- an Apostolic Letter of the Supreme Pontiff [RP: THE VATICAN]

Understanding The Real Presence -- Eucharistic Adoration & Miracles: Why Jesus is Truly in Heaven & on Earth in the Eucharist -- with His Body, His Blood, His Soul, His Divinity [Bishop Barron video]

An Invitation to Revisit "Haurietis Aquas": Encyclical of Pope Pius XII (1956) [RP: Invitation from Scott Hahn]

"Immaculate Conception" as defined by Pius IX (Bull Ineffabilis) [Musings by: Rembrandt]

"Mary's Crown" [Authored by: Dr. Tina Bailey]

Dr. Josephine Lombardi Talks About "Divine Mercy" [Notes by: Dr. Bailey]

"Let them cling more and more to the practice of the Rosary" -- LOUIS XIII's Encyclical on Devotion of the Rosary [RP: The Vatican]

“In meditation a fire breaks out” (Ps. 38.4): The Efficacious Nature of Praying The Rosary + A Basic Overview